World War II - Modern Replicas

Historical Reproductions and Replicas of WWII Allied and Axis Weaponary, Equipment, and Collectibles. From the MP40 to the M1 Garand, you can find it here. Note: Adult Signature Required for All Deliveries for Blank Guns and Blanks.

Blowback ModelsBlank Firing Pistols....sorry discontinued
Get the Kimar M1911 Government Automatic, Bond Auto, Broomhandle Mauser, COLT .45, and other blank-firing replicas here. Extra magazines and blank ammunition are also available.
Carry Cases
Carry and Storage Cases for Pistols with or without Wood stocks. German C96 Broomhandle with stock, P08 Artillery with stock, P08, 1911 colt, P38 and many others.
Replica Assault Rifles
Near perfect copies of classic and famous WWII military models constructed of metal parts including the MP-40, FG-42, AK-47, and the Lee-Enfield Rifle and available!
Non Firing Pistols
Famous replica non-firing pistols and holsters such as the .45 automatic, P-08, P-38, and PPK among many others are available here.
Equipment and Camo
German WWII Stick Grenades and authentic reproductions of military camouflage , jackets, pants, and more.
Includes german military 18 gauge steel helmets and covers with several authentic models available.
A variety of unique World War II Gifts including the U.S. Flag, Airplane Spotter Cards, and desk decorations.
A variety of reproduction and replica WWII knives and daggers. Including german elite guard, luftwaffe, and japanese models.
Samurai Swords
Get these full size Japanese Samurai Swords and smaller size models here, which are all finely crafted reproductions high-quality blades.
These WWII swords offered here are constructed of carbon steel blades and detailed to replicate the classic originals.
Resin Rifles and Handguns
Many solid resin military pistols, rifles, and weapons are available including the Ak-47, M1 Carbine, M16, M60, Russian RPG, among many other realistic detailed models.
1896 Broomhandle Mauser Automatic Pistol
Non-firing die-cast metal replica with working action. This is a realistic replica of the first successful automatic pis…
Sword Hangers
These hangars have a gold or gray finish and will serve your swords well on a frame or plaque.
Schnellfeuer M712 Mauser Blowback Kit......Sold Out
Full-size Blowback Schnellfeuer Model 712 Mauser KIT Replica with 5 PFC and 100 7mm Caps. Full Size "ABS and Metal" Blowbac…
Replica U.S. Cal. 30 M1 Carbine with Sling
Replica U.S. Cal. 30 M1 Carbine with Sling