Original Very RARE WWII Early War 1940 MP40 Matched Numbers Parts Set...with Display receiver...SOLD

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Original RARE WWII MP40 Matched Numbers Parts Set

Comes with Mp40 Display Receiver

With leather sling and copy of Original Mp40 Instruction Manual and 32 round functional Slab side Magazine marked 98e 41

In my 30 years of buying and selling mp40 parts, I have never seen a Parts set with so many Matching Numbers. This is what is called a "matching Parts Set"

Important Note of Interest: 100% Matching Numbers #3975 all around, "except" there is one number on the Lock Out Release Button, that I believe was put on by mistake at assembly, it reads 475 not 975. Its impossible for this to be replaced at a later date with such a close number. I believe the assembler grabbed the wrong part number on the line, as they look the same, I only caught the difference when I was viewing the images.

Receiver Housing Rear cup: Prime contractor was Erma Early War 1940 Code mp40, 27, 40

Bolt: Early War hooked handle, 3975 eagle over swastika Recoil assembly with Firing Pin: marked 3975

Receiver: at trunnion marked 40 COS Merz Werk, Non Functional..cut into 3 sections

Early war Barrel assembly: marked 3975 including the resting bar. Hooked fitting for hinged muzzle cover.

Barrel bore is bright with visible lands and grooves, some frosty.

Bakelite Grips and Bakelite Forend with matching Numbers ....RARE, RARE, RARE!!

Slab Magazine Housing and sling Ring marked 3975 975

Folding stock assembly: marked 975 also the rear butt plate has the marking 975 on the inside.

Rear Sight: matching numbers 975

I am reluctant to sell this Rare Collectible..and have set the price fair with my experience of Matched Part sets. I have never seen one with this many matching numbers, and will probably never see another.

This set is in Very Good condition with no cracks in the Bakelite finish.

There is some visible pitting in some areas, which have been well oiled to stop any further problems.

All the parts 100% Functional except the receiver is saw cut in 2 places.

No FFL required, as this is a Parts Set Only with Non Functional Receiver..

Restrictions do apply for the Hi Cap Mag to certain States.


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