MP40 3D Dummy Receiver Machined Aluminum with Push Pull handle

MP40 3D Dummy Receiver Machined Aluminum with Push Pull Stock !!!
MP40 3D Dummy Receiver Machined Aluminum with Push Pull Stock !!!

Product Description

Aluminum Display Receiver for hanging your Mp40 parts on without destroying your original parts sets.

In the Raw or Painted Dark Gray as shown

MP40 Display Receiver with 3D internal Dummy Parts.

Comes with new made "Functional" Push Pull handle.$65

Temporary bonded in place, can be removed. No need to use your Original Push Pull locking handle from your bolt (this is very difficult to remove and not recommended).

This Display receiver internal Dia is undersized and will NOT ACCEPT any Mp40 Internal parts.

All Internal Parts are Non Moving and Non Removable and are permanently welded in place. Any attempt to alter this Display will result in Destruction of the Display.

  • No Permits required for the part, its completely legal. Designed for Display and Can Never be made to work in a real gun. No Moving internal Parts.
  • Finished to accept Mp40 'External' parts Only as the Mag Housing, Rear Sight and Barrel Assembly.
  • Threaded and drilled to accept your 'Barrel Assy', Rear Site Flat in machined place
  • 3D Permanent simulated 3D recoil assy, no moving internal parts
  • Everything is ready to go, slip on your mag housing, attach your sling ring & crush washer and thread on the Barrel Assy.

    Slip the Dummy receiver into the lower, twist, and it locks into place. Adjust you mag housing to fit to the lower then screw in place for easy removal. (screws not included, you must match drill for your mag housing holes.
  • The rear site base flat is machined to accept the rear site assy, attach with a temporary bonding agent.

Attention Potential Buyers:
This Display Receiver can never be made to function! It 'Will Not' accept the Original MP40 Bolt, Recoil Assy or any INTERNAL Receiver Parts.

Internal 'Non-Moving' 3d Alum Parts have been Permanently 'welded in place', any attempt to remove or alter will Permanently destroy the Display.

The Mp40 Complete Display is shown for 'Reference Only for Assembly purpose' you are buying the Dummy Receiver only with Push Pull Handle assy.



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