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Get these unique replicas such as Dark Shadows Cane, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Cane, Wolfman Cane, and Napiers Bones!

.50 Cal Walking Cane..made from .50 Cal Bullets
Offering a Unique .50 Cal Walking Cane made from inert .50 Brass and Inert .50 Cal Dummy shell for the Handle.
20mm Cal Walking Cane..made from 20 mm Bullet
Wolfman Cane Original Size Chromed or Patina Finish....Available
Wolfman Cane Original Size or Small Size Chromed or Patina Finish
Chrome Wolfman Cane - Small Size Handle......In Stock
This Chrome Plated over Brass Wolfman Handle comes on a black lacquer solid hardwood shaft. 36" length. Small Size Handle…
Small size Wolfman Wolf Man Cane Silver Plated in Antique or Bright Silver..Sorry Sold..more on the way
This Cane Head is "Quadruple Silver Plated using .999 Pure Silver" Plated over Heavy Polished Brass.
Brass Wolfman Cane - Original Actual Size or Small Hand...in stock
Dark Shadows Alpacca Silver Collector's Cane and Ring ...sorry no ring
Dark Shadows Ultimate Collector's Combo. Cane and Ring. Dark Shadows Barnabas Collins style cane constructed of alpacca …
Dark Shadows Collector's Alpacca Silver Cane with choice of Ruby Eyes
Dark Shadows Collector's Alpacca Silver Cane with choice of Ruby Eyes
Dark Shadows Collector's Ring and pen ...sorry out
Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Ring. The vampire‘s trademark black onyx ring is faithfully reproduced with adjustable gold band and stored inside a black collectors box. One size fits all, adjustable ring band. No Plastic here, these Rings are Top Quality.
Dead or Alive-Mares Laig Carbine Rifle and Holster..in stock
Dead or Alive - Mares Laig Holster Only...in stock
Dead or Alive - Mares Laig Carbine Rifle Only..in stock
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Collector Cane...sorry discontinued item
Collectors Limited Edition Replica of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Style Cane. Black or Mahogany Finish. This is not an actua…
Man from UNCLE Collectible Prop Set P38...sorry sold out..no more available
NEW! This is the updated Man From Uncle Blank Firing or non Blank Firing Prop Gun. Comes with a padded carry case and telescoping stock with…
Napier's Bones....In stock Dec 10
NEW!! New Napier Bones Collectors Set with Silk Screened Numbers & Letters. New Case with Index rod and Base attached to…
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